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[ # ] Sean Penn won’t return to Gaslight unless everyone on the set is vaccinated
July 23rd, 2021 under Sean Penn

Sean Penn was one of the first people to stand up and do something about COVID-19. With his nonprofit CORE, he established large testing areas in major cities. Then he turned them in vaccination sites. Therefore, he is taking this pandemic seriously, and he is continuing to use his voice to make sure that we end it.

One of the ways of ending it is to make sure people get vaccinated. Therefore, he told the producers of Gaslit that everyone, not just the people who have immediate contact with the Zone A cast and crew, needs to be vaccinated, or he won’t return to the set, according to Deadline. He even offered up to get everyone the shot through CORE.

Since the Delta Variant is spreading the virus exponentially, I don’t blame him for drawing this line in the sand. And it has been ruled that Hollywood can enforce that everyone needs to be vaccinated. So if you want to work on a production, get vaccinated. If not, then find another job.

Several TV shows and movies have been shut down this month because people are testing positive for coronavirus. The vaccine doesn’t prevent you from getting it; it prevents you from getting very sick due to it. We cannot reach herd immunity unless we all, that can, get the shot. Stop listening to the lies. Getting the virus is worse than getting the vaccine. If you can’t comprehend that, then don’t go to the hospital when you get sick. The doctors have all been telling you to get the shot. If you are going to ignore the warning, then don’t cry when you get really sick.

I don’t want anyone to get COVID-19, but I want everyone that can to get the vaccine.

And when it comes to this case, I am being selfish and thankful to Penn for putting his foot down. That is because he is shooting Gaslit in Burbank, which is the town next to mine. We have been really good where I live to protect ourselves and our neighbors against the virus. I don’t want strangers spreading it here.


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