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[ # ] Scout Taylor-Compton talks about Halloween 2!
August 25th, 2009 under Halloween (movies)

Scout Taylor-Compton reprises her role as Laurie Strode in Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2 this Friday, August 28th. The role was originally played by Jamie Lee Curtis and Scout has yet to meet her. She told us at The Weinstein Company’s press day that she would love to have a conversation with her and find out what she thinks of her playing Laurie. I think Jamie Lee Curtis would be beyond impressed with her because she has done an excellent job in both Halloween’s and it is completely different than what was originated in the John Carpenter films.
But like the 1978 movie, Halloween 2 will leave terrified and she says that is how this genre should make you feel “uncomfortable and scared with what you just witnessed which a lot of horror movies are losing now, it’s like get back to the original point of a horror movie.” She is so right because like she also told us so many of them leave you laughing and not fearing to be alone in the dark and believe me H2 will do that to you.
One of the kills (my favorite one in H2) in this movie is where Michael Meyers stomps on a guy’s head over and over and she told us about the filming of that scene. Rob Zombie calls her over and tells her to watch. She looks over and she sees the 6’9″ Tyler Mane, who plays Michael Meyers, take his big foot and crush this guy’s face and she thought it was real because the makeup artist, Wayne Toth did such a great job on the body. That scene left her screaming, much like she did for a lot of the movie and she told us she was left sounding like a man most of those days and that could be sexy. Not that anyone who gave her the title of Scream Queen would complain about that.
So what is up for the Scream Queen after doing two Halloween movies? A different type of screaming because she will be playing Lita Ford in the movie Runaways with Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning. She told us to prep for that movie they only had a few days to learn how to play instruments. As you can see by her excitement in the above interview she got the music down for the role!
So would she be back for Halloween 3 if the studio wants one? She told is she would be so down for doing it!!! But before we talk about another sequel, check out Halloween 2 this Friday and see if it will leave “uncomfortable and scared with what you just witnessed” as much as it did me!!!


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