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[ # ] Sandra Bullock gets a Chola makeover
November 25th, 2009 under George Lopez, Sandra Bullock

Yesterday Sandra Bullock was on George Lopez’s new late night show on TBS Lopez Tonight and he gave her a Chola makeover. Wow, that look so did not work for her, but you got to love that she handled it so well. I wonder when all was said and done she regretted producing his sitcom for what he did to her? I know I would! Although maybe it opens up a whole new genre of movies for her do? Instead of romantic comedies she can be doing grittier movies. How much fun would it be to see her play a tough girl? Nah, scratch that.
BTW with her Chola look she almost looks like she did when she was on the sitcom Working Girl back in 1990

(see her with her down at 1:35)


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[ # 375710 ] Comment from Tapatio [November 25, 2009, 8:44 am]

What a motherfuken disgrace is this load of shit Lopez and his pinche cholo(a)s de mierda…

That is NOt what we are, IT`S not what we try to be, it`s the fucking pieces of shit illiterates and uneducated sumsofbeaches that have no family and grow in the streets.

Lopez and many other hijos de puta try to make it so it`s mandatory to make fun of the weros , chinos , mayates and all the rest of the world, appealing to lowest common denominator it`s the only way to be funny or be accepted , if you believe their message .

What a shame for all the educated and honorable Mexican -American citizens of this country to see this estupido babozo make an ass of his heritage and glorify this shit life style…

Verguenza deverias de tener hijo de tu pinche y puta madre cholo de mierda welferiano puto.!

[ # 375715 ] Comment from Stating the Obvious [November 25, 2009, 10:14 am]

FYI: it’s “cholo,” not “chulo.” And her eyebrows should have been shaved and replaced with a Sharpie-applied brow.

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