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[ # ] Retro: Cher doing every role in West Side Story!!!
November 23rd, 2011 under Cher

Between the 50th anniversary of West Side Story coming out in theaters and Glee staging a musical of it, the Broadway play is hot again. But did you know that back in 1978 Cher performed every role from WSS on her own special that aired on ABC? I bet you didn’t, so sit back and watch one of the most incredible and enjoyable performances that any actor has ever given. There is a reason why she has won an Oscar, a Grammy, an Emmy and 3 Golden Globes, she is truly one of the most talented people out there.
Neil Patrick Harris and/or Hugh Jackman, I challenge you to do what Cher did! I don’t even think those two boys could do it by themselves, let alone together the way that she did. Seriously wow!


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