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August 23rd, 2006 under Pete Doherty/Kate Moss, Rehab

WHEN I heard PETE DOHERTY, JUSTIN HAWKINS and TOM CHAPLIN were all in The Priory, I joked that they should form a supergroup.And in a quirk of showbiz fate, my prediction has come true.Keane singer Tom, Darkness frontman Justin and Babyshambles’ Pete have struck up a close relationship during their treatment at the north London rehab clinic.After getting to know each other in group therapy classes, the troubled trio have turned to writing music in a bid to help them cope with their woes.An insider said: “Justin checked in to rehab first, followed by Tom and Pete not long after. “They all vaguely knew each other before but when they found themselves meeting in difficult circumstances it somehow made them click. Being in rehab is strange at the best of times. But when you find yourself in there with other famous faces it’s even more odd. “Tom was the first to play the piano in one session for some of the patients. After that Pete and Justin chipped in and suggested they write some music. “Pete and Justin have struck up a particularly strong friendship and Pete has invited Justin to perform with Babyshambles this weekend.” I have to point out the dramatic U-turn in Justin’s friendship with Pete. Only last year the falsetto warbler said he thought Pete was “a waste of skin”. His stint in the clinic must have damaged his memory. I revealed on Tuesday that posh rocker Tom was getting treatment for cocaine addiction. I’m sure his record label will start worrying when they hear he has Potty Pete for company in rehab. Justin, Tom and Pete — or Sobertramp as I have christened them — have been lazing around on the lawn discussing their addictions over cups of tea. It’s Doherty’s eighth, ahem, crack at cleaning up — his third spell in The Priory. He was ordered in last week as a condition of his bail after being caught in possession of almost every Class A under the sun.

The Sun

Funny part I thought the same thing when I heard all three were in rehab, just did not know if they were in the same rehab. Can you imagine if they released an album?


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