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[ # ] Reels is as sh!tty as this Terry Crews video
August 7th, 2020 under Terry Crews

Now that the whiny liddle baby in the White House is trying to ban TikTok because users catfished his Tulsa rally, Instagram came up with their alternative Reels. It has been out a few days, and they are trying to make it a thing.

I am assuming they asked Terry Crews to do something for them, so he did. He made a video promoting America’s Got Talent, and asked fans of the competition show to create their own take with his audio.

Crews says, that his dog is Golden Buzzer worthy, but his pooch’s 💩 is not. Which perfectly sums up TikTok and Reelz. TikTok is the 💩, and Reels is 💩.


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