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October 1st, 2009 under Shonda Rhimes

It is very rare that a story line leaves me so disgusted, I question why I ever watched the show in the first place. Well Private Practice did just that for me with their season finale cliffhanger. The show ended with Violet having her baby cut out of her stomach by a crazy woman. WTF sick idea was that for a storyline? Well I guess enough time had passed and I decided to watch the season premiere that airs on ABC tonight at 10p and you know what I realized, I wasn’t over my disgust. The show lost the felling I once had for it. They spent most of the episode dealing with “Will Violet live?” and “Where is the baby?” and both questions are answered by the end of the episode. They also show Pete finally dealing with his wife’s death as he waits to find out Violet’s faith. There is a scene towards of the episode that completely confused me that after y’all watch it, I hope you can explain it to me. And what would Private Practice be without Naomi and Addison fighting over medical procedures? I never realized what a whiny group of people they were until the season premiere and after watching it, I realized it will be the last episode I will ever watch of the show. The Violet storyline was just too much for me to ever enjoy the show again.


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