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[ # ] Pharrell’s hat!
January 26th, 2014 under Bad Look

Tonight on the Grammys Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr sang a new song together, 33 gay and straight couples got married, Chicago was dug up to perform with Robin Thicke and Taylor Swift thought she won, but she didn’t. But the big story of music’s biggest night, is Pharrell’s hat. The first mention of it is when Ryan Seacrest Tweeted a picture of his photobombing his picture with the Grammy winner. From that moment on, that was all the Grammys was about.
What is under the hat? One of the girls from the Blurred Lines video? Miley Cyrus, so she doesn’t take attention away from his hat? Was he sneaking in the recently arrested Justin Bieber? A bookcase for all the Grammys he won tonight? His career because now his hat is even bigger than his music one?
The good news, is the hat takes away attention from the fact that he’s wearing Sue Sylvester’s jumpsuit top. The bad news, anyone who sat behind him at the Grammys.

UPDATE: Arby’s took to Twitter to comment on the hat and my hat is off to them!

UPDATE 2: Pharrell made a funny when he responded back to Arby’s. Someone better hide the BBQ sauce before this goes any further.


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