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[ # ] Pete Doherty gets turned on wearing women clothing
October 31st, 2006 under Pete Doherty/Kate Moss

KINKY Pete Doherty has revealed that he likes to wear lover Kate Moss’s clothes. He also borrows the top model’s make-up – and says trying on her shoes makes him feel really horny. The 27-year-old Babyshambles frontman spoke of his secret passion for women’s clothes and face-slap while on a night out at a west London bar. Pete was larking around with two male pals when two female fans asked him about his use of cosmetics. Pete said: "Oh yeah, I love them – especially the eye-liner. It’s a laugh as it can make the right changes to your features." He went on to reveal how he’d also tried on Kate’s clothes and found them a real turn-on – especially her shoes. Pete said: "I just don’t get all the fuss when people see fellas wearing women’s clothes. "I mean, I love Kate’s stuff and have tried some bits on. What’s wrong with that? "Footwear is the key and it makes you feel good…very good, if you get my drift." Pete’s raunchy revelations come the day after the Daily Star revealed how friends said he was finally winning his long battle against his heroin addiction. The singer is said to have kept clear of drugs since a stint at celebrity rehab clinic The Priory in north London. He checked out of the clinic last month and friends say he is now determined to stay clean for Kate’s sake. He is said to have promised her he’ll be drug-free for their wedding – planned for Kate’s 33rd birthday, January 16, on holiday isle Ibiza.

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You know I can picture him dressed as a woman, can’t you?


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