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[ # ] Pauly Shore explains his racist rant
March 24th, 2008 under Celeb Oops, Pauly Shore

Response to video clip controversy…

Yo broooos!

So… I heard u guys r a little edged @ me for that video clip last week… believe it or not there is a method to my madness… I’m stupid but I’m not ttthhaatt stupid!! I”ll give u a little teeny weenie clue… Who’s married to the actress Demi Moore? Ashton Kuuutcher… rrriittteee!!!

A lot of u r saying “u just saying that cause we got u on blast!”… Nooo brooos… exhale… you’ll see!! I got nothing but love for you brooos. I’m a jew. Blacks and jews are one cause we both got big… I can’t say it but you know what I mean! Anyways…

Had a great time @ JZ private concert in miami… He says “what’s up”… Had to bail miami and hit the road to promo my new dvd that drops this week with all your peeps in it… Vivica Fox Charlie Murphy T-Pain… it’s called “Natural Born Komics” (ooohhh… I just gave u another teeny weenie clue broooos)!!

Stay tuned… When you find out what’s really been behind that video clip your gonna be like… “damn homey… this is one messed up jew”. One love…

Your boy,

Pauly… buuu-deeee… muah lol xoxo grrrrr…

via Pauly Shore’s MySpace blog
Who do you believe Pauly Shore on the video or Pauly Shore on his blog? I don’t know Ashton has gotten us all pretty good in the recent weeks, that I think we punk’d by him again on this one. Because as Pauly Shore said he is stupid but not that ttthaattt stupid.
BTW we were punk’d good, but I don’t find that joke funny.


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