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[ # ] Pauly Shore defends Bridget Fonda!
April 24th, 2023 under Pauly Shore

Last week, pictures surfaced of Hollywood legacy Bridget Fonda, and the 59-year-old actress was not looking like her glamourous younger self. And the publications were slammed for posting them because she opted out of being in the public eye. Of course, Fonda still looks gorgeous; she just doesn’t look like she did 30 years ago.

Yesterday, Pauly Shore posted photos of himself when he was younger and his more recent self. The comedian did this because he has a serious message to share with those publications.

“This one goes out to you, #BridgetFonda,” he started his post off with. “I know a lot of people on social media have been showing before and after photos of you, so I wanted to share with everybody before and after photos of ME! We all age, doodz — celebrities are people too. Don’t harsh our gig so hardcore, crusters!”

Who would’ve thought that the Weasle would be the voice of reason in this debate? But he is. And I agree with him. We all can’t fake age like Jennifer Lopez, nor should we try to age like her.

So thank you, Pauly, for speaking up for the actress.

2023 has proven to us that you have a lot of heart behind the persona you created. You were also very sweet to your Encino Man co-stars who were nominated and then won Oscars this year.

I love this side of you and can’t wait to see more of it. Although, I still laugh with the old version of you.


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