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[ # ] Pat Sajak had a first on Wheel of Fortune
March 8th, 2023 under Wheel of Fortune

Pat Sajak might be 76 years old, but he is not too old to experience new things. The other night on Wheel of Fortune, he tried something he had never done before.

What was it? Greg, a contestant on the gameshow, is one of Santa Claus’ helpers south of the North Pole. He has been doing that job for 25 years, and 6 years ago, he did something to make himself more authentic. He decided to grow out a beard.

Well, Sajak was wondering if kids pull on Greg’s beard to see if it is real. And they do. That is when the gameshow host asked if he could give the facial hair tug, and Greg agreed.

The beard is real, and Sajak declared, “I have never done that. And I will never do it again.”


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