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[ # ] OMG South Park gets to kill Kenny until at least 2016!
November 16th, 2011 under Comedy Central, South Park

Comedy Central renewed South Park not for one season, not two, but three additional seasons. When you add those three to the ones already shot and promised it will bring the show’s total number of seasons up to 20. That will make it the longest running animated show on cable!
Now Matt Stone and Trey Parker have to find several more ways to kill Kenny and hope that there are many more people for them to make fun of until at least the year 2016. I think the latter will be easier for the Tony winners.
So now that South Park is going for at least 20 and The Simpsons will make it to at least 25, which show do you think will end with more seasons under their belt? Or do you think that either show will end at this rate?



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