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[ # ] NYPD still hates Busta Rhymes
March 11th, 2007 under Busta Rhymes

A movie production company was forced to begin its first day of shooting Saturday without Busta Rhymes after the NYPD raised security concerns. The Police Department declined to detail its specific concerns about Rhymes, who angered officers last year when he refused to cooperate with the investigation of his bodyguard's murder. The man was shot during the filming of a music video. Rhymes is a cast member in "Order of Redemption," which began shooting in midtown Manhattan. Julianne Cho, associate commissioner with the Mayor's Office of Film, Theatre & Broadcasting, confirmed the shooting had started — and that Rhymes was absent. "The production agreed that Busta Rhymes would not be participating in the scenes shot here after the Police Department raised public safety concerns," Cho said in a statement. The crime drama, starring Academy Award nominee Tom Berenger, is shooting scenes in New York City on 14 nonconsecutive days into early April. Cho said the production had the necessary permits.

AP  (story) and NY Post (photo)

He would not be going through all of this if she just cooperated with the NYPD in the first place. He made his bed and now he is lying in it.  


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