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[ # ] Not a good a place to hide an engagement ring
March 4th, 2009 under Awesome Videos

When Reed Harris asked Kaitlin Whipple to marry him, he didn’t plan it out that well. First he took to her a Wendy’s to do it. Second he hid the ring her Frosty milkshake. Third he invited her friends and one of them challenged to a race to down the Frosty. What happens next makes you wonder why she said yes. She swallowed the ring whole. Reed drove her to the hospital to find out if she did indeed swallow the ring and she did. Two days later she got her ring and the two are set to marry around early June when it is warm and Frostys melt!
Although she said she would have felt it. Frostys numb your tongue and she probably didn’t feel it. Poor Katilin but at least she will remember it always. I don’t think I would have said yes after that, would you have?
Katilin Whipple blogged about that fateful night and shockingly she has a great sense of humor about it.


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