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[ # ] No cheesey song on tonight’s American Idol finale?
May 20th, 2008 under American Idol 7

(photo © Fox)
I feel robbed, according to Reality TV World the Davids will be singing 3 songs tonight and not one will be the cheesey finale song that they will be stuck with throughout their careers. The song we say we hate, but secretly love. Instead here is a breakdown of the 3 songs being performed tonight.

"Clive Davis has actually chosen them a song.  He's the man with the golden ears.  He's chosen a couple of songs for them to sing.  I won't spoil the surprise of what he's chosen for them," said Lythgoe. 

"[Archuleta and Cook have] actually chosen a song each from the Top 10 songs that have been voted for [online] and then they're doing another song that they've either sung during the series or something that they want to sing.  I can tell you now that David Archuleta is going to sing 'Imagine' again, which is fantastic." 

I thought once Clive Davis was demoted that Idol would be done with him, but no he is back instead of that finale song. And what is up with them getting one song we choose from the season and one they picked from the season. Lame.
The producers are wondering why we are tuning out, well doing stuff like this isn't helping! I want my cheesey American Idol finale song because so far tonight sounds like the most boring American Idol finale yet. Worst than Taylor Hicks and Katharine McPhee. 

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