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[ # ] NBC’s The Baby Borrowers looks freaking amazing!!!
January 9th, 2008 under The Baby Borrowers

(video © NBC)

NBC will premiering The Baby Borrowers on Monday February 18th at 8p and it looks like a show no one should miss.
In a day when teen pregnancies are up again and with someone like Jamie Lynn Spears, who is only 16 is glamorizing it, I think The Baby Borrowers is a must watch show. Teens and parents with kids need to sit down and watch this show and see that raising a baby is not an easy thing and giving up your youth for one is not as easy as it looks.
Personally I would have just been interested in watching the show if the teens who are 18-20 were just stuck taking care of the baby for the three weeks. But the fact that they have to also take care of toddlers, pre-teens and their pets, teenagers and senior citizens makes the show so much more interesting and educational.
So tune into this show on February 18th on NBC at 8p, it is so much more than just an hour of entertainment on TV.
BTW in the mean time put on some condoms and check out the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy for more information on the recent rise in teen pregnancy rates.


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