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[ # ] NBC’s The Baby Borrowers is better than I thought!
January 11th, 2008 under The Baby Borrowers

(video © NBC)

So I saw the first two episodes of NBC’s The Baby Borrowers that premieres on February 18th and all I can say is wow.
These 5 teen (18-20) couples think they are prepared to be parents and it was so compelling to watch how quickly that all changes when they are faced with real life like challenges. None of them (including me) realized how tough it is to raise a baby and that is only 1/5th of the experiment.
And for those of you who will try to bring controversy to this show saying how could any parent leave their kids with 2 teenagers who have no experience raising a child there is a nanny with them 24 hours a day and the parents monitor them from a near-by house and have the options to talk them or to take the kids away. There is nothing controversial about this show it is only beneficial.
So parents and teachers I highly recommend that you watch this show with your kids because it really shows that being a teen parent is not as easy as looks. Heck it shows being a parent isn’t as easy at looks.
BTW I can’t wait to see how this experiment changed their lives.


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