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[ # ] Nat Geo Wild kicks off BarkFest with funny and mysterious dogs!
April 15th, 2016 under National Geographic

Starting at 9p tonight, Nat Geo Wild celebrates its second annual Barkfest. The channel is going to the dogs all weekend long with special programming dedicated to man’s best friends.
They kick off the celebration with World’s Funniest Dog and these arfdorable pooches will have you laughing out loud.
First there is Fritz, he’s a Golden Retriever who can’t retrieve. You can throw food, toys and balls at him and he just won’t catch it. Next up is Nathan, a Chinese Crested dog who loves to dance on his hind legs. While those dogs are cute, Ally is very mischievous pup. She likes to destroy her owner’s house when he is gone. She tears up the kitchen looking for something eat. She is so dedicated to finding food, she learned how to open and search the fridge. You have to watch how she does it. Diesel the Bulldog loves his cardboard boxes. So much so, he will do anything to get one and destroy them. Don’t even think abiut trying to take one away from him because that ain’t going to happen. Finally there is Skippy the Dotson whose noes knows what it wants. You can’t hide toys and treats from him because he will always find them.
No matter how these dogs makes us laugh, they all have their special way of bringing a smile to our faces.

From funny dogs to what is that dog? If you have adopted a dog from the pound, brought home a stray or rescued a rescue, then you might not know what type breed your dog is and you want to know. Who’s Your Doggie? helps 5 families find out what their mutt is? Some will guess part of their breed, others will be way off and one family will get it right.
As the show tests the dogs’ DNA from the last two generations, we will learn about the different breeds that they people think their dogs are and the breeds that they really are. Each breed has their own characteristic and it is interesting to learn how they differ.
Span is the first dog and when you look at the black short-legged, long-bodied dog, you think there he’s a Corgi and Black Lab mix. After a DNA test, you will be surprised to find out he is a part of one of those dogs and three parts other breeds that don’t seem possible. Roonie’s owners think he is a mix between a Terrier and English Setter and they are a quarter right. Luna is a beautiful dog and her photographer owners think she’s a Catahoula Leopard. They like saying that name, but can they say it after the DNA test? Our next family has two dogs the want to get tested. When you look at them, they look like they could be siblings, but could they be? Finally, there is Morie. His owner’s are convinced he’s part Shih Tzu, but he is twice the average size of one. Is he even part Shih Tzu? His results are the most shocking.
I don’t have a dog, but I have a cat that was rescued from the LA Shelter. I think I know what breed she is, but I would love to know what is she really. Because of that, I found this special really interesting. I could sympathize with the owners and enjoyed watching their reactions when they learned what is their best friend’s lineage.

These are the first two specials that air tonight, tomorrow 9p it is about Second Chance Chihuahuas and on Sunday it concludes with How Dogs Get Their Shapes. Besides these original specials, there will be plenty of other programming all about canines. If you love dogs, then Nat Geo Wild is where you need to be this weekend.


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