Seriously? OMG! WTF? » Must see TV is back on NBC tonight with The Baby Borrowers at 8p and 9p!
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[ # ] Must see TV is back on NBC tonight with The Baby Borrowers at 8p and 9p!
July 2nd, 2008 under The Baby Borrowers

Did you ignore me last week when I said that NBC’s The Baby Borrowers is must watch TV. Well here is your opportunity to make it up to me and watch last week’s premiere episode at 8p and the conclusion of the baby part of The Baby Borrowers at 9p. These two episodes are some of the most educational hours of television I have ever seen and you know that I watch a lot of TV! When I say educational this show gives a glimpse of what parenthood is like. Just because you think you are ready to be a parent doesn’t mean you always are. There is such a difference between babysitting for a few and having a baby 24 hours a day. The Baby Borrowers shows not only what it is like to raise a baby, but what type of jobs are out there if you have your child straight out of HS. And that is not much and it is really hard.
Tonight’s episodes, you watch some of the teens step up to the responsibility and some of them that are so gung ho to be parents change their mind quicker than they change a diaper. It is amazing to watch the transformation of the teens on tonight’s The Baby Borrowers and this is only one/fifth of the experiment.
Parents please spend two hours watching NBC with your kids and discuss the show with them. But you don’t have to be a parent to appreciate the show, just the desire to be one is enough. So tune in to The Baby Borrowers tonight at 8 and 9p on NBC for some entertaining educational television that will leave you talking for the days to come. You know up until next week when they 5 couples get to take care of toddlers for three days!


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