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[ # ] Morgan Freeman studies The Story of Gd
April 3rd, 2016 under National Geographic

Religion is a hot button topic these day, but all of them agree in a higher power. Tonight at 9p on NatGeo, Morgan Freeman covers several topics related to The Story of Gd in 6-part series.
Tonight’s premiere episode looks into the afterlife and he travels the world in search of that answer. The first concept of life after death was established almost 5,000 years ago and he travels to where that happened. There was King who believed in it, and shared his path to get there. Even though he was the first, he is not the most famous person that we talk about. That person is Jesus Christ and Freeman goes to where he was crucified and probably buried. A place still worshiped today. Maybe some of the Hindus, who have been reincarnated, have visited there in one of their past lives. Freeman witnesses a cremation of a Hindu, but there is only so close he can get to witness it.
These are the religious views, but he also talks to a Scientist. That man reveals that our consciousness goes on even after brain activity ceases. If that doesn’t blow your mind, Freeman’s next discovery is an Android that possesses the memory of a woman and she can hold a conversation with you. Could our memories go on without us?
That is just what he discovered tonight, in the upcoming weeks he looks at many different religions’ takes on the Apocalypse, Who is Gd?, Creation, Why does evil exist? and the power of miracles. All of this is told by the man with one of the closest voices to the supreme being.
If you are as fascinated with the religions of the world as I am, then this is a must watch show. If you are close minded and believe that your religion is the one and only, then this docuseries will show how much they are all alike on the important issues. So for you I insist that you tune in tonight and next 5 Sundays.


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