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[ # ] Miracle Workers is back and it is going dark as in The Dark Ages
January 28th, 2020 under TNT/TBS/TCM

During the first season of Miracle Workers on TBS, Steve Buschemi was Gd, and he wanted to destroy Earth. Tonight at 10:30p, they are back in the Middle Ages, and Buschemi is now a sh!t shoveler. Name one other show where an actor can go from the best job to the worst? However, that is just one hysterical changes on Miracle Workers: The Dark Ages.

Daniel Radcliffe went for a level employee to a Prince. Prince Chauncley is the son of a King who is a tyrant and loves to kill people. His son, not so much. He is trying to find his way in the World, and he sucks at all of it.

Thankfully, he has Lord Chris Vexler (Karan Soni) to help him out. He is good at putting up with people who suck at their job because last season, he was Gd’s handler.

Finally, there is Alexandra Shitshoveler (Geraldine Viswanathan). She thinks there is a World outside her small village. Just like last season, she is trying to fight the system. Yet, she is still trapped in her town and stuck working with her dad, shoveling sh!t. Somehow, her not-as-smart brother Mikey Shitshoveler (Jon Bass) is able to escape her job. Yet, he remains merry, as you will see in an upcoming episode.

Now you know the characters, what about their daily lives? They are just trying to survive in a time when people are publically executed. A time when your job was their last name and the World was flat.

Oh, and did I mention that the Prince has taken a fancy on Alexandra Shitshoveler? Take that Megha,n Markle. She is doing a much bigger jump to Princess than you did.

Miracle Workers is a show, unlike anything else on television. Whether it takes place in heaven or in the past. It is a show that makes you laugh because it is so absurd. It is so out there it is brilliant and hilarious. Therefore, make sure to watch it every Tuesday night at 10:30p on TBS. It is not a history lesson, but you will learn to love it as you soon as you tune in.


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