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[ # ] Melissa Gilbert is zen, Andy Samberg got hosed & more do the ALS IBC
August 25th, 2014 under ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Melissa Gilbert

Half Pint went full in for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and who knew Melissa Gilbert is so funny and creative. I always thought of her as a serious actress, but not any more.

Andre Braugher, Terry Crews and Andy Samberg all did the challenge together, but only one of the Brooklyn Nine-Nine stars truly felt the wrath of the water. Can you guess who?
You can see the three of them back on the beat September 28th on Fox.

To see Carrot Top, Todd Milliner, Karen David, Luke Youngblood, Alan Menken, Gloria Estefan, Mark Hamill, Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox do it, then

Carrot Top needs to get better assistants before he does a stunt like this again. At least on a positive note, he used to suffering for his work.

There is nothing Grimm about Executive Producer Todd Milliner‘s Ice Bucket Challenge. Not only did he play Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby in the background, he had several photos of Rob Van Winkle rain down on him. If that isn’t enough Ice for you, he challenged Vanilla Ice, Ice T and Ice Cube to do it. So far only one Ice braved the Ice Challenge, and he did it before this.

The Hot in Cleveland creator wasn’t the only who substituted ice for something else, two of the stars from ABC’s upcoming musical fairytale show, Galavant, also did it. Karen David and Luke Youngblood didn’t want to waste any more water than has already been wasted, so they went with some pie. Looks like they had as much fun doing the challenge as I do watching their show.

The man who is writing Galavant’s music, Alan Menken also accepted the challenge and it was a total Little Shop of Horrors for him. He sang lyrics unlike anything we’ve heard him do before.

He wasn’t the musician who was singing some new notes. Gloria Estafan hates cold water and thought she could get out of it. Her family saw that wasn’t the case.

Another person who thought he got out of taking a full bucket was Mark Hamill and his family saw to it that he took more. You’d think after the whole Darth Vader thing that he would be more weary of his family.

Jennifer Aniston accepted her fiance’s challenge and she looked the worst I’ve ever seen her look. That made me happy, so I shared it with you!

Finally, what are Friends for? They are for challenging you and Courteney Cox accepted Rachel’s challenge. Sadly for Monica, she got more than she bargained for and just like always she was so cute once all the ice and water stop coming down on her.


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