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[ # ] Man v Food takes his challenge live tonight!
February 3rd, 2010 under Adam Richman, Travel Channel

One of my favorite shows on TV is the Travel Channel’s Man v Food and tonight at 9p Adam Richman is taking his challenge live! Adam Richman goes from city to city and tries out the foods they are most known for and also he tries out their food eating challenges. While most of the time Man wins, sometimes food takes him down. It is always fun to watch as he attempts the challenges that range from the amount of food to the amount of spiciness, and it is surprising which ones have done him in. Tonight in honor of Sunday’s Super Bowl he travels down to Miami and tries the Shula 48-oz. Steak Challenge live. That means he has to eat that 48-oz. steak in a half hour while the show is live. We have never seen him do a challenge live, so it will be fun to watch him try to do it and tonight there is no running from the camera or say edit this out. I can’t wait to see Adam Richman do this challenge live and I hope he scores a touchdown because if he fumbles on live TV he won’t be able to live it down for a while. So whether you are addicted to Man v Food like me or you are newbie check out one my favorite shows on the Travel Channel live at 9p and watch man try to down a whole lot of beef in a little amount of time.


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