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[ # ] Malcolm McDowell and Sheri Moon Zombie talk about Halloween 2!
August 27th, 2009 under Halloween (movies)

(photo from Weird Al’s Twitter)

Malcolm McDowell is back as Dr Loomis in Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2 that is out tomorrow, August 28th. Now after seeing the first one, I wasn’t sure how he was going to come back, but the blue-eyed actor who seems to be in everything told us at The Weinstein Company press day he didn’t feel the same as me. When I asked him if he thought he would be back he exclaimed, “Of course! I’ll be back for the third one. Even though I know I lost my head.” So I said, “hey there’s plastic surgery now”, and he said matter-of-factly, “Who cares, it’s not real.”
When you are sitting in a room with him and you get the real Malcolm McDowell, you just appreciate him so much more. He is a no BS guy and that just makes him so much cooler. When he was asked about horror movies, he told us he really isn’t a fan of them. In fact he also let us know he rarely sees any of his movies more than once and he mostly sees them at premieres. In fact there are about 20 of them he has never seen, but don’t ask them which they are because he doesn’t know because he has done so many. One movie in case you were wondering that he has seen more than once is Clockwork Orange because he is invited to see when it screens at different events.
But saying all of that he had high praise for the director, Rob Zombie who let him take Loomis into a new a direction for this movie. He told us after the way his character had a near-death experience in the first one and survived being attacked by Michael Meyers, he thought he would be pissed off and that is how he played him in this movie. He told us he wanted to bring more comedy to it because he was bored and he brought a lot of comedy to it. Especially his scene where he is on a Jimmy Kimmel Live! (that came from Rob Zombie on JKL!) like talk show with Weird Al Yankovic. The actor told us he was familiar with Weird Al’s work before the scene, but he had a lot of fun working with him for that half day. Because he didn’t really know him before working with him, one of the best lines is when he calls him Mr Weird. He told us he didn’t know him, his name is Weird Al, so he figured call her would address him as Mr Weird. Seriously you have to see Halloween 2 tomorrow just for this scene and just to see how brilliantly Dr Loomis plays out in this movie!!! Malcolm McDowell really did a great job adding comic relief to a movie that will scare the crap out of you!

(photo © The Weinstein Company)

Also coming back to Halloween 2 is Sheri Moon Zombie, who plays Michael Meyers mom Debra. After the first one she seemed like a good candidate for not coming back because she offed herself. In fact she told us when she read her husband’s Rob Zombie’s script and even when she was filming it she wasn’t sure how it was going to work, but she trusted him. She told us by her coming back, “You get more into Michael’s mind by seeing Debra through his eyes, I mean its really twisted because essentially he is mentally stunted at the age of 10 or 11. It just gives you more insight into the workings of Michael Meyers.” She wasn’t kidding, her character coming back really shaped the feel and hauntinglyness (new word for the day) of the movie.
This movie feels more like a Rob Zombie film than the first one and when I asked her about that she told us, “He loved shooting the first third of the first movie. That was own. He got to establish the new characters. For this one he really feels, wow this is mine because he doesn’t have any limitations or anything. I think he’s happier with it. He does feels like this is more of his own.” It really is his own and it takes Michael Meyers to a whole new direction that we have never seen him in all of the Halloweens.
So when she was asked if there would be a third one, she told us, “I think he now has a sense of finality with it, he completed it. He didn’t want someone to his vision from the first one and ruin it and wash it down and have it go straight-to-video. He wanted to have a sense of completion with it and he says he has that now.” She prefaced that answer by saying she doesn’t think there will be a third one, but that didn’t mean anything to us. She was right because if the movie slashes the competition tomorrow at the box office, you know they will be back to kill some more.
So what is she doing while she waits to find out if there will be a third one? She is working on designing her really awesome clothing line Total Skull!!! Seriously you have to check out it, I know I am going to order a few things for myself!


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