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October 12th, 2006 under Bob Geldof

BOB Geldof’s Live 8 concerts cost £8.1million to stage, accounts reveal. The July 2005 gigs in 10 cities across the world were aimed at putting pressure on G8 world leaders to help end poverty in Africa. Figures from Live 8 Limited show it made £11.1million from sponsorship, TV rights, merchandise and hospitality from the concerts, watched by three billion people. Performers at the Hyde Park concert in London included Madonna and U2. Organisers Bob Geldof and Harvey Goldsmith were left with £2.7million profits from Live 8 – which went to the Band Aid Trust. It handled the millions made by 1985’s Live Aid. Worldwide, Live 8 raised £5million from corporate sponsors, including EMI group Nokia, MTV and Walt Disney. Another £2.6million came from the text message ticket lottery with British TV rights raising £1million. Sales of the £1 white Make Poverty History wristbands brought in £226,000 and merchandising raised another £1.7million. A massive £320,000 was taken in donations for the Make Poverty History campaign. Geldof and Goldsmith did not charge expenses or for their time.


So there is a fund? My question is, where does the money from that fund go? BTW I thought it wasn’t about money, what and ever.


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