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[ # ] Listen to rubber chickens sing the Jurassic Park theme
August 18th, 2021 under Awesome Videos

I spend a lot of time on TikTok every day. I see lots and lots of videos, and it takes a lot for one to blow me away. However, what TheCritters created with some rubber chickens and bowling balls is just mindblowing.

He used the whole domino effect to perfectly place the rubber chickens so that they would sing the theme song to Jurassic Park as a bowling ball rolled over them.

I don’t know how he knew this would create such awesomeness, but I am so thrilled that he did. Anytime I am down, I am going to play this video because it will cheer me up. Doesn’t it make you happy? Even though several rubber chickens were sacrificed in the making of it.

On that note, we need to keep this away from John Williams. We don’t want him becoming so over-excited about it that he would’ve written his own final overture. When it comes to Williams, I am sure Star Wars fans will disagree, but I think this is his best score. I love speeding on the highway listening to it.

Back to TheCritters, he has more videos like this. But, this is by far the best one!

About time chickens sang for their dinner instead of us singing for them.


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