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February 19th, 2007 under Lily Allen

Current mood: melancholy

busy busy busy , as usual . This week I have been from Chicago to NY to Philly, I did shows in all cities , then I did a TV show called Conan O'brien in Manhattan . I flew from NY to london on Tuesday night and arrived in London for the Brits on wednesday morning . I went to the brits and lost all three I was nominated for , I knew that was going to be the case , all my categories were very tough . Then I went out for a few drinks , assulted some paparazzi with my stiletto and went to bed . On thursday i woke up @ 8 in the am and left my hotel in tears , i didnt want to leave . I wanted to go home , I wanted my Mum to cook me a roast , i wanted to walk my dog , I wanted more than 5 hours with my boyfriend . I got in my car and and was followed to the airport by the razzi , actually they followed me all the way to the gate , Heathrow has it's own press dept I saw the guy that was featured on the BBC program " Airport " their PR guy . He and a couple of photographers followed me to the gate and I got on a plane to Washington . Washington was freezing . I go to my hotel and then I got an email from my record company , all the post brits pics of me crying ( outside my hotel ) , supposedly I got in a fight with Amy Winehouse and was left crying . UTTER BOLLOCKS . Anyway this annoyed me momentarily but I needed to sleep, as this morning I had to get up at 6 to get on a plane to Boston , so I moved on .
Got to boston at about 2 this afternoon and went to watch Pans Labyrinth with Emily , Del and John . It is an amazing film and i advise you all to go see it . Now I am in bed watching a documentary on Anna Nicole Smith , may her soul rest in peace . I reckon Howard K Stern did it . I hope he gets found out . He looks creepy . Night everyone , I am tired , I want to go home I have to go to Toronto tomorrow but . Only two more sleeps , and one more gig . till im back in London , albeit brief . I miss everyone . night night .

Lily Allen's MySpace (story) and Daily Mail (photo) 

I actually feel bad for her. Sounds like all she really wants is a good night's sleep. And then I am sure she will back to good old grumpy self!


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