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December 24th, 2006 under Comedy Central, Drawn Together


Drawn Together Season 4, Season 2 DVD, Season 3 Return Date

Alot of information was recieved from the E-Mails Matt (Creator) genorously sent out to the fans asking questions. Nothing is really looking good for the future of Drawn Together. Read the info provided to find out more. Thanks for the info Matt!

Season 3 Return Date

Season 3’s return date was somehow released as, at first March 21st, then February 28th. It’s not known how people came up with these dates. But the actual fact is that season 3 will return in October 2007. No final date is currently set. On November 15, 2006 Lost in Parking space aired. The mid-season break started and fans thought it would be a short one like the last one was. In season 2 Super Nanny aired as the half way mark on December 7th, 2005. It then returned with Terms of Endearment January 25th, 2006. It was nearly two months of a break. Now Drawn Together season 3 is set for an 11 month break. It’s not just that that is making people mad but it’s also that it is a two-part episode and part 2 of it is being shown 11 months later. This is not the fianl date. Comedy Central hasn’t officiall announced this. Thats what they just told Matt & Dave. But that is what it will be close to since thats what they told the creators.

Season 4

Season 4 of Drawn Together is very unlikely. Comedy Central told Matt & Dave that it was "too dirty and too expensive" for their network. Season 3 will continue in October, 2007 and based on popularity of the second half and the season 2 DVD release, going along with the airing of the second half of season 3, it may not happen. If season 3b and the season 2 DVD sales are popular then there is a better chance. Plus Matt stated that Comedy Central said that if they’re new shows "Naked Trucker" and "Halfway Home" are unsuccessful, that Drawn Together season 4 has a good shot. Naked Trucker began January 17, 2007 and it’s season will most likely be over by October. Comedy Central has time to think it over. Just cross your fingers!

Season 2 DVD

The season 2 DVD has had many release dates. They ranged from October, 2006 through Spring 2007. But really these are all incorrect. It’s quit obnoxious how Comedy Central is taking everything that has to do with Drawn Together. There will be a season 2 DVD. It just won’t be out until October, 2007. It was dated to be released along with the premier of season 3b, which airs in October, 2007 as well. What happened with the original idea for the release was that season 3 was set to air in January, 2007 but ended up airing in October, 2006. In October the DVDs weren’t ready so they had to cancel its release date. It is now set for realease in October, 2007 (and remember this isn’t false because it was said by Matt,  which was informed by Comedy Central). It doesn’t have a final release date but somewhere around October, just like season 3b’s air date. Matt said "We’ll try to get it sooner, but Comedy Central is being annoying" so they will try to get it out before October.

Drawn Together’s Fanpage on MySpace 

Drawn Together is one of the funniest shows on TV and we must save it! If you have not seen this show, I highly suggest you rent or better yet buy the DVD. This show is so wrong and so dirty, but that is what makes it so great! So if we start sending to message to Comedy Central now, maybe we can just save this show! Long live Drawn Together!!!


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