Seriously? OMG! WTF? » Lateysha Grace’s Twerk is so proper, she split her dress open!
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[ # ] Lateysha Grace’s Twerk is so proper, she split her dress open!
July 14th, 2016 under Reality International

Lateysha Grace was eliminated from Big Brother yesterday and she thought that would be the worst part of her day. She was wrong. After her elimination she appeared on Bit on the Side and Rylan Clark-Neal asked her to show him how to do a proper Twerk! She was more than happy to show him, but then she revealed her butt and became the butt of all jokes.
You see, her tight jean dress had two zippers that ran lengthwise down the front and the back. When she bent over to Twerk, it was too much for the back zipper, so it unzipped all the way up to the small of her back. Revealing a lot more than she hoped for, so she quickly sat down and laughed in embarrassment. While everyone just laughed.
Clark Neal eventually did something he has never done before and that is help zip a woman into her dress and not unzip her out of one. And sadly he never got to learn how to do a proper Twerk. But he, along with us, got something so much better. One of the greatest moments ever to happen on live television!


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