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[ # ] Last Man on Earth ends its season on highlarious note!
May 6th, 2018 under Will Forte

It is hard to believe it, but tonight at 9:30p on Fox it is time for The Last Man on Earth season four finale. Like seasons in the past, it ends with Tandy (Will Forte) saying, “Oh farts!”

Before we get to those last two words of the episode, a lot of stuff happens before it. Tandy and his brother Mike (Jason Sudeikis) return from their trip, only to see everyone else outside the house with their belongings. The group tells the brothers that they are moving because the house is full of corpses, guns, and explosives. But they say it in a more colorful way.

After Gale (Mary Steenburgen) suggests that they move to Cancun, they are ready to go. Before they leave, Todd (Mel Rodriguez) sings a song, Melissa (January Jones) gives a solo 21-gun salute and Tandy gives one of his speeches that is unlike any other toast you have heard before. That and they blow up their former home.

Before they drive all the way down to Cancun, they make a pit stop at the place that the Miller brothers found the goats. You know the place where last week’s episode ended with all of those other last people coming out from an underground bunker? Yeah! What happens next, well you will just have to tune in to find out.

But the real reason why you want to tune in is to watch a cast that you can tell is really enjoying themselves on a comedy that each week finds a new way to top itself. You never know what they are going to do next, but you know you are going to be laughing hysterically. Plus, they have given us some of the most creative and hilarious deaths that any show has ever given us.

I mean this is a show about an apocalyptic virus that has wiped out most of the World’s population and yet they found a way to make a heart-warming family sitcom that causes you to laugh out loud every week. Like tonight, when there is a very tender moment between the brothers that is totally unique to this series. That is why each week, I look forward to seeing what trouble they will get themselves into now.

One last thing about tonight’s episode, Kristen Schaal was minutes away from giving birth in real life and the producers had to come up with some interesting ways to handle it. Last week, she was on Conan she told him what they had to do. She also gave us a challenge for tonight. To see what it is, then


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