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[ # ] Kal Penn gets himself into a tight postion
May 17th, 2018 under Kal Penn

Somehow Kal Penn was able to fit himself into the overhead compartment on an airplane, and it had an appropriate number on there for him, 69. Knowing that he is a few inches taller than me and those spaces are really small, he can totally 69 himself in it. Wouldn’t that a be a great moment to include in the fourth Harold & Kumar movie? When are we going to get that?

Anyways, back to him. How did he get himself into that position? I need to know. Because then I have to wonder if it is cheaper to fly that way. How much do you want to bet if Spirit can charge to people to fly in the overhead compartments, they would do it. Maybe they already do and that is how he did it? So much to ponder.


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