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[ # ] Julianne Moore wear two half dresses as one
October 26th, 2010 under Bad Look, Julianne Moore

Don’t you hate when you are going out and there are two dresses you want to wear, but you can’t decide which one to go out in? Well Julianne Moore looks to have come up with a solution by cutting both dresses in half and wearing them as one dress. While the idea might have worked in her head, it didn’t work on the red carpet. She reminds me as one of the performers who dresses up as a half man/half woman, you know one side in gown and the other in tux? It doesn’t work for them and it certainly didn’t work for her. I might’ve bought it more if she wore hair different on one side and two different shoes, but since she didn’t the head-to-toe look gets a major fail.


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