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[ # ] Judd Apatow’s daughter is not a fan!
January 23rd, 2015 under Apatow Productions

Judd Apatow is filling in as host of The Late Late Show this week and he tested some of his material on his daughter. To say she is not a fan would be an understatement.
When the director explained to the 12 year old, that they are having people that aren’t that good at hosting fill in before James Corden takes over, she told her dad, ” They made a good decision choosing you.”
Iris wanted to know who he was having as a sidekick, and he said no one. Then she said, “You know what they should do? They should have you be the sidekick and get someone funny to be the talk show host.”
And with this short bit, I think we just learned who is the funniest one in that family. Iris has a huge career ahead of her. That is, if she does films other than her father’s.


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