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[ # ] Jon Lajoie talks about The League that premiere on FX tonight
October 29th, 2009 under FX

Tonight on FX at 10:30p The League is going to premiere and I can’t believe I’m saying this but a show about a Fantasy Football League is one of the funniest and raunchiest shows I have seen in a long time. The League is a guy guy’s show that even women will enjoy!
The League is about five guy friends who are in a Fantasy Football League together and all the crap that goes on in their lives. Three of them of married, one who gets it whenever he wants and one who never does. They are how I vision what guys are like when they get together. They are crude, rude, pick on each other, and at the end of the day they are best friends. When I say crude and rude, I mean it. You will not believe some of the sh!t they do. In the first two episodes Taco sings a NSFW birthday song to a 5 year about how her parents made her, Andre finds out that his first joint was full of pubes and not weed and someone tries to smoke his pubes to see if he can get high off of them like Andre did, Kevin watches porn while he works out, Ruxin hasn’t gotten any because his wife hasn’t wanted to have sex since she had their baby so he gets off watching the Bouncy bra test and Pete has an uncomfortable sexual experience. We will also add two new phrases to our vocabulary, Eskimo Brothers and Vaginal Hubris but you will have to watch the show to find out what they mean. All of this hilarity happened in the first two episodes, and I can’t see what else they do because I know it is going to be wrong and it is going make me laugh!
Some of the biggest laughs I got from the show were because of Jon Lajoie who plays Taco and I spoke to him at the premiere last night. He told me about his character and if he knows how Taco his got him name. You will have to watch the interview above for those answers. I also had to find out if we will get the full version of his birthday song that he sang on tonight’s episode and he told me we eventually will. It just won’t be on the show because it is too dirty to air on network of cable TV! And here is a little fact he shared with me, he wrote the song and you can hear some of the other ingenious songs he came up with on the Jon Lajoie website! I have been hysterics all day listening to his album! So what other hysterics are we going to get from him this season? He told me he is going to dress up as a big stuffed up animal to scare his niece with a clever, got to China Town to buy 3 penis wine because it will improve virility and he’ll take a job at Volkswagen because he thinks 92% of women who drive Jettas are hot. I can’t wait to see all those hijinxs on The League that will quickly become your favorite show on TV!
So check out The League tonight and every Thursday at 10:30p for a show that is a touchdown in the humor department! FX has found a show that is the perfect fit to be paired with It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia that airs at 10p on Thursdays!


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