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[ # ] Jay Leno shows us his a$$less chaps
June 6th, 2012 under Talk Shows

Jay Leno was recreating the hottest summer movies with residents of Oakwood Apartments and one the hot flicks was Magic Mike. You know the film that Channing Tatum has with Matthew McConaughey and Matt Bomer coming out about male strippers. Well The Tonight Show host decided he has moves like the former-stripper turned actor, so he ripped open his shirt and revealed his bare chest. Then he turned around to show us he was wearing a$$less chaps. Thankfully he was wearing still wearing his underwear, but in wedgie sort of way so we weren’t that lucky.
Normally I try to let you guys be surprised by stuff like that, but this time I thought you needed a warning before that image would be etched into your head for an eternity.
BTW when is Magic Mike coming out because I need to see that movie ASAP to get that visual out of my mind. Please make it go away.


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