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[ # ] Jason Alexander defends the Seinfeld finale
May 21st, 2019 under Seinfeld

Ever since the Game of Thrones’ final season premiered people have been talking about all the other awful series finales like Lost, Dexter, How I Met Your Mother and of course Seinfeld. Those are just five of the most disappointing series ending episodes.

Even though it has been 21 years since the show about nothing said goodbye, we are still pissed by how they ended it. Since GOT ended poorly on Sunday, there has been a lot of rehash about the terrible Seinfeld ending.

Today, Jason Alexander, who played George Costanza, defended it. He wrote, “To be clear, I adored the Seinfeld finale. I just keep getting crap about it from fans. I loved that Jerry [Seinfeld]/Larry [David] found an organic way to bring back all the amazing guests that enriched our show. It was an amazing week together filming it.”

While it might have been a dream to film, it was a nightmare to watch. Out of all of the finales, this one most needs a do-over. I remember the next morning I made a joke that Seinfeld ending was so bad, it killed Frank Sinatra. Just hours after it aired, it was announced that crooner passed away at 82.


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