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[ # ] Is this the Masked Singer’s most shocking reveal?
October 1st, 2020 under Mickey Rourke

The Masked Singer has had some big names on their show, and I never thought they could top Lil Wayne after the Super Bowl. Turns out, they can. Tonight, Mickey Rourke was hiding under the Gremlin costume. Since it was hotter than 9½ Weeks in it, he decided to eliminate himself from the show and not wait to be voted off.

If someone, who has lived in Miami and Los Angeles, is telling you it is too hot in that costume, then it has to be hotter than hell in it. I lived in both places, and we can take the heat because our blood thins due to the climate. At least that is what they say.

Anyways, I have to say that is a really good get for the singing competition. Now, I am curious to find out if they have someone even more shocking than him competing.

Want to see his performance,


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