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[ # ] Is this Air New Zealand safety video sexist or brilliant?
July 8th, 2014 under Awesome Videos

Even though this Air New Zealand safety video has been out for four months, people are up in arms about it today. They feel that using Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models in bikinis to demonstrate how to remain safe on an airplane sexist. I am woman and I think it is brilliant. It makes those boring videos we have seen so many times so much enjoyable to watch.
I remember several years ago Gillian Anderson hosted a special on Fox about airline safety and one of the things she said you should always do is watch those instructional videos at the beginning of your flight. So since then, every time I fly I watch them. And every time, I and bored out of my mind and forget what they say. If I saw Air New Zealand video, then I would remember everything they said because it is something different and fun. So to all you other airlines throughout the world, I implore you to do the same. So don’t listen to those uptight people, who constantly ring the bell for the littlest thing when they are on a plane, who say they hate this video, and make your own version of it ASAP. I hope that JetBlue gets the ball rolling first because they are the only airline I am flying these days.


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