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[ # ] I will be in the minority, but I HATED Adam Lambert’s Mad World
April 7th, 2009 under American Idol 8, Tears For Fears

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Tears for Fears’ Mad World is one of all my all time favorite songs hands down, so when I read that Adam Lambert was going to do it (I am on the West Coast, so I cheat and read online reviews) and Simon gave him a standing O, I thought he was going nail it and I was excited for it. Well I am sorry, but I f*cking hated it. He had the opportunity to make it haunting especially since he did the Gary Jules version of it. While his high voice might be good for the stage and carry through the audience, but listening to it on TV it grated on me. If he would have done it in deeper voice and let the chorus stand a little more on its own, I think I would have liked it a whole better. But man I don’t care, it is my favorite song and I personally didn’t like what he did it with it. I just think when people have favorite songs, they don’t like when anyone else does anything to it and that is how I feel about Mad World. I will be honest it took me a long time to get used to and like Gary Jules version of it and when it comes to Adam I really don’t think I will ever like it.
And I know several of you will disagree with me and bash me, but that is where I stand on his version of the song. Here is the Tears for Fears version of it, that I know you are going to say Adam’s was much better…but I disagree.


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