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[ # ] I like how Chace Crawford wants to end Gossip Girl
May 16th, 2012 under Gossip Girl

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Tomorrow The CW will officially announce that Gossip Girl is going to end at their upfronts, and today it was revealed how Chace Crawford would end the show, that made him a star, if he had a choice. He told Parade, “If I got to write the show, it would be a very different thing. I would make Chuck Gossip Girl and I would turn my character into Patrick Bateman from American Psycho. That would be a weird twist of events.” I love the idea of Nate Archibald killing everyone as a way of ending the show. Seriously how fitting would it be? It definitely is better than revealing that Georgina is Gossip Girl this year. And on that note he is right, Chuck would be perfect as the title role.
So what’s next for Crawford when he is no longer spotted on The CW? He said he wants take a break from the small screen and try make it on the big screen.


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