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[ # ] Hot Ones looks like it is going to be on fire!
January 15th, 2020 under TruTV

I am sure you have seen Sean Evans interview celebrities. Not sure who that is? He is the one who makes celebs eat hot wings that get spicier with each answer. Now you know who I am talking about. Well, he is going from YouTube to truTV starting on February 18th.

If you are a fan of his chat show, then I have some bad news for you. That is not what Hot One is about. It is a game show where contestants answer questions and eat a hotter wing for each round. The higher the pepper gets on the Scoville Scale, the dumber they get.

Each week, the two teams will compete in three rounds of trivia, and the team with the most money advances to the Ring of Fire. If they win that round, then they will win $25,000. However, I am sure, at that moment, they are more excited about the other prize…a milkshake.

Hot Ones has already filmed all of its 20 episodes, and so far, the contestants have reacted with tears, sweat, vomit, and in one case, a panic attack, as their mouths melt from the intense heat of the sauce. Good thing they have EMTs standing by. Personally, I think they would prefer to have the paramedics with them after the show. You know when nature calls because it burns, even more, coming out!

That is the show I am interested in. The producers should put cameras on their necks, recording their facial reactions as they go. I am such a sadist, so I cannot wait for this game show.


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