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[ # ] His paintbrush is his penis!
September 2nd, 2010 under Awesome Videos



Tim Patch aka Pricasso has paintbrush that no man has probably thought to ever use…his penis. Yes as you will see in the video above (if you are over 18) he paints with his prick. I don’t know how someone discovers they have that talent, but let’s get him on America’s Got Talent ASAP because what he does is better than anyone that is on the show now. Seriously how amazing are his paintings? He paints better with his peepee than I do with my hands.
If you want to own a Pricasso original, the price for one is actually really reasonable For $75 he will paint a painting from one of your own and $100 you can watch him doing one via Skype. If you are into that sort of thing, personally I have watched guys I have met on online dating sites do that thing for me, except there was no paint involved.
On that note I am so glad he waxes down there because could you imagine trying to clean paint out of your pubes? That has to be a nightmare.
BTW when I saw the story about a guy who paints with his penis, I thought he put a paintbrush you know where, so I was glad to see no paintbrush was involved in the making of his paintings! Which I debated posting the second video because it is so NSFW, but because it shows that he really does use his instrument as an instrument I opted to show you he really does use his wiener for his artwork!


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