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[ # ] Hear ye, hear ye, The Royals is back for its best season ever!
March 11th, 2018 under E!, Elizabeth Hurley

The Royals is back for its fourth season on E! tonight at 10p and it is royally messed up. But in a very good way!

The season starts off with everyone trying to get used to Robert (Max Brown) as King and none of them like it. For over two seasons, we heard how great he is. Then when he comes back from the dead, we do not know what to make of him. Actually we do, we hate him. But this season, just as you start to like him, he does something that makes you hate him. How does his family feel about him? Well, that you just have to see for yourself.

Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) is adjusting to the fact that she will not be Queen for much longer. Up until then, she will live every day like she is the Queen of England. Which she is.

Princess Elanor (Alexandra Park) and Jasper (Tom Austen) are not together at the beginning of the season. How long will that last? Can these two really stay apart from each other? Since she does not have him in her life, she has made a major change to her life. She is not the same Princess we knew the first season. Wait until you see her transformation.

Prince Liam (William Moseley) hates his brother and will do anything to get rid of him. He is consumed with taking down his brother and will do the unthinkable.

Finally there is Cyrus (Jake Maskall), and he is, well, Cyrus. He will never change and that is why we love the black sheep of this dysfunctional royal family.

What can you expect this season? Sex, Joan Collins, someone will get shot, a country wide blackout, someone will be banished not only from the castle but also England, a Robin Hood within the palace, a proposal, betrayal, a wedding, cat fights, make ups, break ups, family dinners gone wrong and so much more.

If only the British royals were as exciting as this monarchy, we would be even more obsessed with them then we already are. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle don’t have anything on this lot. Which is good for Great Britain, and bad for us!


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