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[ # ] Hair Jacked is hair raising and Fake Off is the real deal!
October 27th, 2014 under TruTV
Hair Jacked is unlike any other game show on television and because of that you are going to want to watch it on TruTV at 8p tonight.
Two unsuspecting people go into a hairstylist to get their hair done, but what the don’t know is that they are about to be part of a game show. After they are washed and the cutting has begun, that is when the fun really starts. Because that’s when Jon Gabrus comes out to give them the rules of the game. The first round they have to guess what something is by reading the clue backwards in the mirror in front of them. Then that mirror becomes a prop as the contestants use it to draw their clues with shaving cream on it. Now, they get to sit back in the chair as they get to answer some trivia questions. Finally, they both answer the same questions and the winner of the first four rounds goes on to the final one. If they get every question right, then they get an awesome trip. If they don’t, then they get an awful haircut. As the weeks go on, the hairstyles get worse and worse. And that is more than enough reason to tune. All I will tell you about tonight’s episode, is the winner loses and gets a new look he never ever wanted!
Then at 10p, it is time for Fake Off the best dance competition show to ever grace our televisions.
Each week, five dance groups with different talents like shadowing, lights and puppetry create a dance assigned to them with a pop culture theme. Tonight they will bring videogames, the Titanic, television shows, cartoons and the Super Bowl to life via dance. Next week, they do Westerns, horror movies, local news, Sci-Fi and the Olympics to the stage in a unique way.
Then after they have wowed us, it is time for the judges Harry Shum Jr, TLC’s Chili and Michael Curry. I don’t always agree with them, but luckily they don’t have the final stay, the audience does.
Words cannot describe how incredible this dance competition show is. Seeing is truly believing when it comes to this imaginative show. So tune in tonight and every Monday at 10p for making dance shows fun and exciting again!


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