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May 21st, 2024 under Guess who?

Want to see who has been taking care of people for decades, then

Who knew that when Pauly Shore announced that he wants to star in a biopic about Richard Simmons, it would bring the Weight Saint out of hiding? But it did, and it has been wonderful. That is because Simmons has been posting his positive messages on social media almost every day since.

For example, here is a story he told about something he did to make a dying friend feel better during his final days.

“A very dear friend of mine was dying at Cedars Sinai Hospital. He didn’t want any visitors so….I got dressed as Nurse Patsy and went to see him,” he wrote. “I entered his room and he was startled. He said nurse. I don’t want to see anybody right now. I told him I was there to fluff his pillows. Then he screamed. “Get out now!” I said Aaron it’s Richard Simmons. His eyes got so big and he smiled. A week later he passed away. I am so glad I went to visit him.”

I am so happy he is back because he reminds us to be better people.


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