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[ # ] Guess who has pigtails and buckteeth?
August 26th, 2021 under Guess who?

Want to see who grew up to be a Venus, then

Jenna Elfman shared some school photos of herself. She also told a story about an important lesson she got from her math class that had nothing to do with numbers.

The kids at school bullied me about my teeth, calling me “Bucky Beaver.” That same year, my math teacher duct taped my mouth shut in class, in front of all the other kids, for playfully chatting with the kid next to me while she was trying to start her math lesson after recess. 🤐 They failed to see my joy, kindness and willingness to help. I learned the life lesson that people who treat you cruelly, whether overtly or covertly, have been fighting demons long before you came along. Do not take it personally. And, never change your personality to appease assholes who can never actually ever be appeased anyway. 🤓💗 Go kick ass! 💪🏼

It takes an amazing woman to learn something so powerful from something so awful.


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