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[ # ] Grey’s Anatomy is a McNightmare because McDreamy is leaving
May 31st, 2011 under Shonda Rhimes

(photo from ABC)

Grey’s Anatomy is beginning its 8th season this fall and the original cast members’ contracts are up at the end of it. The first of the original doctors has spoken out about it and Patrick Dempsey says he will not be back for a ninth one. The doctor with the hair told Italian Vanity Fair (via TVLine), “It will be my last. I do not know about the other characters, it may or may not continue. But for me it’s over.” And to me without McDreamy, the show will be a McNightmare.
I know it has been said that ER was able to survive without its original cast members, but that show did it more gradually and they had replacements we liked. I don’t like any of the new doctors on Grey’s. That and ER was more realistic with their medical stories and every episode didn’t feel like a stunt.
To me Grey’s started going downhill after the Super Bowl episode. Yes, I still watch, but almost every week I ask myself why.
So who else will you be upset to see leave? Who do you think will leave? Who do you want to leave? Will you still watch if the originals left the show?


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