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[ # ] Good News for The Big Bang Theory and bad news for Ugly Betty
December 1st, 2009 under Primetime TV

This season the ratings are down and for some shows they are down more than others. The Live Feed posted which shows took the biggest hits and the news is bad for the shows that moved to Friday including Ugly Betty that took a really big hit.

Til Death (-48.4%), Ugly Betty (-46.2%) Smallville (-39.8%), Heroes (-35.3%), Fringe” (-33.4%), Gossip Girl (-30.9%), 90210 (-28.3%), One Tree Hill (-25.3%), CSI (-23.2%), Cold Case (-22.5%), Supernatural (-22.4%) and 30 Rock (-21.4%).

While the news was bad for the above shows, some shows like the hysterical The Big Bang Theory found a lot of new viewers.

Big Bang Theory (+35.7%), Private Practice (+27.0%), Biggest Loser (+21.2%), NCIS” (+14.9%) and House (+13.4%)

I am not surprised by the drops by most of the show that took big hits because the quality of most of those shows have declined sharply. Ugly Betty might’ve gotten a makeover, but the show got a makeunder in its storylines. The cast of Gossip Girl might be in their freshman year of college, but they are living like they are in their 30’s and just lost their feel. One Tree Hill lost two of its original cast members, but it also feels like they lost their way. CSI lost William Petersen and now the show is just lost. The only show that I am shocked that is losing its audience is Supernatural which is having a lot of fun this season.
When it comes to the shows that got more viewers, The Big Bang Theory deserves everyone of them because the show just keeps getting better and better. To be honest I am surprised that House is doing better because I am not feeling it this season.
What shows shocked you?


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