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[ # ] Ghosts of Shepherdstown is back, but to the surrounding towns
July 10th, 2017 under Destination America

Last season, Ghosts of Shepherdstown dealt with clearing out the spirits from the West Virgina Town that is one of the most haunted in the country. This season on the Destination America show, Police Chief Michael King recruits Nick Groff, Bill Hartley, and Elizabeth Saint, with the help of local historian Dana Mitchell and psychic medium Lorie Johnson to do the same for the nearby communities that are experiencing paranormal activity.

Tonight at 10p, they travel to Harper’s Ferry to investigate the John Brown Wax Museum. Harper’s Ferry is an old town that preexists the Civil War. During that war, several battles were fought there. Is this there the spirits? Although the place they are investigating was a residence before they converted it to a museum in the 1960’s. Is it one of the former residents haunting the building? Or maybe it could be someone’s whose hair and dentures were used to make the wax figures. How creepy is that?

The team is called in because the manager feels threatened by the spirits. She is so afraid of the basement, she will not go down there. When the team investigates, she was right to be fearful of it. In fact, the team gets a call when they are alone in the museum that the manager was attacked by something in her house. Now, they know they really have to rid this place of whatever is there.

What they find out is surprising. Something you will never see coming and that is what makes a good and believable paranormal show. What I like about this paranormal show is they do not go into the gadget of the week, instead they let the haunting happen naturally.

I enjoyed their take so much, I binge watched last season on the Destination American app immediately after watching tonight’s season premiere. You do not have to watch season one before season two, but you will want to watch it. It is that thrilling!


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